Hi. I'm Chris.

I shoot photos. I have been known to do street photography. I play some guitar for drunk people sometimes.

Mu the Mindless Rabbit

A conceptual art photography project that's been taking up most of my creative cycles over the past year.

Some of my favorite street shots

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rome, Barcelona, Paris. Remember traveling?

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Moving Beyond Snapshot

Everybody is a photographer in the 21st century. Every smartphone a readily-accessible camera capable of recording remarkably high-quality images.

We live in a constant deluge of snapshots flooding every social media channel at all times. And while those images are increasing in quality and resolution as the technology catches up to the layman, those images are for the most part little more than snapshots. Instantaneous. Casual. Unremarkable.

I have nothing against the snapshot, per se, but there is life after snapshot, and Moving Beyond Snapshot reveals a world that is far more interesting for me. This book chronicles my own struggle to grow past the snapshot.

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