Let's just cut right to chase:

I've got all sorts of affiliate links up in this bitch. The ones you'll see the most are Amazon Affiliate links. I'm also pushing web hosting from FlyWheel, and from time to time you'll see Affiliate links for Adorama Camera.

But.. I'm really picky about what I link to.

Here's my promise. I never link to anything that I don't already use and trust. I don't use any advertising networks here (or on any of my other sites) and if you see an ad for something, you can trust that I am also personally using that product or service, or I have used it and love it enough to share it. I create all of the ads that you see here -- they're not provided or fed in from some service.

And finally, I promote myself and my wife's work.

I own a Web Development and Design company, and you'll see inline ads for that business. My wife is a fine art painter and you can expect to see ads for her website, work, and projects. We also have some collaborations in the works combining my love for conceptual photography and her weird artist brain.

I'm shameless about that shit, but I'm not greedy and I'll never link you out to anything that I haven't fully vetted.

Cool? Okay, so now you know.

Thanks for reading.